On Friday 18th November representatives of the VEC travelled down to our new London Campus (University of Liverpool in London) to join Virtalis in introducing their new VR4CAD software to a number of prospects, journalists and bloggers.

VR4CAD is entry-level VR software designed to make it quick and easy for CAD engineers and designers to view, investigate and annotate their CAD models using PC-based HMDs or 3D screens.

Once participants had heard about the new software, it was time to see it put to the teimg_0578st! We saw a number of demos including how the software can be used diversely in a number of industries and for several purposes. Firstly we saw a push-bike in a garage a
s we could virtually change the colour, remove and replace parts and investigate up close. We were also taken to an open plan apartment or business space to see how interiro designers could utilise the software before being taken up a 200 ft crane – this was not for the light-hearted or those afraid of heights!

If you wish to find out more about the VR4CAD software and their promotional launch pricing, click here.



Afterwards participants could visit the VEC department at the University, where we had on a huge projector, a Virtual wind turbine. This demonstrated the remote work which can be achieved, using such virtual technology.



It was great to see so many visitors at the campus, trying the technology for themselves and seeing first hand the possibilities these can offer a wide range of companies and SME’s. We gained some great feedback and look forward to seeing many of you again!