Yesterday the VEC ventured to the ACC Conference Centre for the Official launch of LCR4.0. Based on the Mersey front, the launch had the perfect backdrop for local businesses and SME’s to explore what benefits the new project can offer them during the next Industrial Revolution.LCR-20.jpg

Demo’s were also held amongst the project partners which include the VEC within the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), Hartree Centre, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), Sensor City and Liverpool LEP.

The panelists for the event included:

  • Jon Hauge (Unilever)
  • Luke Walsh (Brainboxes)
  • Tom Dawes (Value Chain)
  • Simon Reid (LCR LEP)

LCR-56.jpgThe panelists all took to the stage to encourage businesses and SME’s to get involved in the project as a huge opportunity to improve many aspects of their businesses using new technologies to improve processes. Host Chris Maguire also ran a discussion based on ‘What does Industry 4.0 mean for business?’ whilst asking the audience for any questions.

The aims of LCR4.0 include:

  • Supporting 300 local SME’s within the Liverpool City Region
  • Enable 200 collaborations between businesses and partners
  • Support Product development within 70 firms
  • Create 60 new jobs in supported businesses
  • Create a virtual workspace for the LCR Manufacturing community
  • Demonstrate the potential of data-driven innovation in manufacturing

The event went very well with a lot of positive networking taking place, demonstrations taking off and plenty positive feedback, all encouraging for the new and exciting LCR4.0 programme.

Active Profile: “Steve Warren @EEF_Press “@weareLCR4 is a great initiative to boost the region” #lcr4″

LCRLifeScience – “Liverpool City Region @weareLCR4 leading the way in digitally-enabled manufacturing”

Making It – Jon Hague, VP Open Innovation @UnileverUKI  – “Fully in silico is the next frontier” SMEs can engage this ambition via @weareLCR4 #4ir #lcr4

Active Profile  – Panel hears how businesses can get involved in #lcr4 – “it’s an open door if you have an idea” @weareLCR4

Local Growth Hub‏ – Simon Reid from @LiverpoolLEP urges manufacturing companies to speak to @weareLCR4 & the @localgrowthhub #TogetherforManufacturing

Joanne Phoenix (Sensor City)- Data is a start but not enough- intelligence and subsequent action drives value #lcr4 @weareLCR4 @SensorCityUK

The LCR4.0 is an ERDF part funded project.

If you would like to find out more about LCR4.0 and how you can get involved, please visit our website or even send us a quick email.