Louise joined the VEC in 2013 where she has come to work on a number of exciting projects including the LCR4.0 Programme.

Within our Daresbury Campus, Louise works on creating, designing and developing 3D models based on specification provided for simulations, preparing models to be transferred into VR Environments, processing and manipulating raw data using different visual tools and preparing demonstrations and presenting demonstrations.

At our Liverpool Campus Louise supports a number of academic groups, including Aerospace, Architecture and Industrial Design undergraduates, in addition to being a lecturer for Industrial design students.

Previously Louise was part of the AIS (Autonomous and Intelligent Systems) team where she was involved in a number of events and projects such as NASA SEE, TAGOPS, Autolive and IET but primary worked on the GAMMA projects. In GAMMA she has created, designed and developed synthetic environments and realistic outside worlds for simulation and visualisation to support a number of projects within Gamma.

When relaxing after a hard days work, Louise enjoys anything food related, especially the Great British Bake Off and even bakes sweet desserts from time to time for her family. Louise also has a key interest in Fantasy, celestial creatures and animals, Chinese zodiac, star signs, Mythology and superstitions.

In addition to baking and gaming, Louise also creates a number of figurines and characters using mediums such as Plasticine, digital software’s, paper mache and even just paper and pencils. One of our favourite creations has to be the VEC personalised Lambanana!