Tom Belger of the Liverpool Echo attended the launch of the LCR4 project (partly ERDF funded project) and visited the VEC stand where he tested out the Virtual Reality headset and sensors to see how this exciting technology can be used within a range of businesses.

Experts at the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), part of Liverpool University, say they could transform the way manufacturers work by letting them make things virtually first.

Lynn Dwyer, business manager at the VEC, said her team showed Bentley the power of virtual reality by recreating a simulated 3D model of their flagship Mulsanne car.

Bentley engineers were so impressed that they decided to start creating virtual prototypes of new models before making them.

She said the simulations let engineers spot and tweak things early on, saving valuable time and money by cutting the number of physical prototypes they had to make.




The VEC showed off a virtual version they had created of a new Unilever laboratory in Port Sunlight, where staff and robots test out new mixes of materials to improve their products.

To see the video of Tom using the headset and for the full Liverpool Echo article, click here.