The University of Liverpool (UoL) have their fingers in many pies and projects including the famous Arion project. The project aims to develop a bike which will aid the team to beat a number of speed records, as the University helps take it up a notch.

Lecturer Steve Bode along with a number of Master students, make up the University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULV Team). Sponsored by Rathbone Investment Management, the team work alongside Arion in order to beat as many records as possible.

The ULV Team did indeed set a new record last year (September 2015) for British land speed record for fastest human-powered vehicle, reaching 75mph with the ARION1 Land Speed Bicycle. However the team did not stop there. During the Race Week, the ULV Team managed to break the British record an impressive 3 times, resulting in the record sitting 8mph higher.

The ULV Team are the first UK University based team to attempt the land speed record.

For testing purposes, the ULV Team have approached the VEC in helpindsc_7506g to develop a virtual bike in order to see where improvements can be made. Handing over to us the Arion 3 CAD Data, Louise and Carlo of the VEC have created a Virtual Reality Programme so their team can pick up the wheel, placed outside the bike, and try and fit this through the gap on top of the bike into the correct place once inside.

This feasibility study allows us to see what is possible before any amendments are made which can become costly and time consuming. This new version of the bike has not even been made yet so the virtual bike will answer a lot of curious questions before production has even happened.

For more information on the Arion Project, visit here.