We have a new visitor this past festive week at the Virtual Engineering Centre called… Windy Peng! The beautiful red-breasted penguin can be found in the entrance of A Block and was actually only Penguin number 118 in the ‘Go Penguins’ public art display across Liverpool in 2009 – 2010. Whilst a fun trail for families around Liverpool (following the huge hit of the Lambanana’s) these penguins descended on Merseyside with a message.

The Penguins were to remind everyone of the threat of climate change and change in water levels, highlighting these risks to Liverpool as a Port city. The trail included 200 penguins all painted in a range of different styles and themes with some famous contributors including Paul O’Grady.

Our Windy Peng has a beautiful wind turbine painted across their breast n front of a burning red sky. Designer and local artist Fordy, was inspired by the wind turbines which surround Liverpool and Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ (1829 – 1832). Windy Peng is to represent a real force of nature and warns of our failure to embrace renewable energy.

Windy Peng knows the drill and even came with his very own staff card!!