Louise Wong of the VEC made a recent trip to Japan and along with her went… Lambanana!


Louise took some great holiday snaps and you can spot the cheeky lambanana taking a well deserved trip around the country and visiting all of the best spots!


Our Lambanana even manged to visit the Sky Tree tower in Kinshicho.  Originally built to replace an old broadcasting tower, the Sky Tree Tower was thought at the time to be the tallest tower in the world (2,080 ft) and provide all local TV stations and telecommunication companies with a digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission service. It now stands as the second tallest, after the The Burj Khalifa in Dubai (2,720 feet tall).


After all the sightseeing a looking high above him at towers, Lambanana gets very hungry and turns to local snacks which use Matcha as a key ingredient. This is a type of tea and is popularly enjoyed around Japan due to its bittersweet flavour and taste. Matcha also has a very bold green colouring, resulting in a great deal of the snacks to take on the strange look.