Friday 9th February we had a drop in visit from Terry Leahy. Terry is a Belle Vale born businessman who has faced great career success helping Tesco grow from strength to strength. Terry believed Tesco needed to stop catching up with businesses and start sending higher standards, setting up Club Cards which helped Tesco collect real data on their customers which can be used to offer greater value, based on their buying habits.

Terry came to the Virtual Engineering Centre where he was greeted by Richard Koeck from the Universities Architecture department who showcased some of the capabilities the University has to offer.

The University has close relationships with designers across Europe whilst offering great process developments, providing real impact. Here at the University we have links to some fantastic research, industry knowledge, specialist skills and are even setting up a PhD by design course where students can learn at our London Campus for practical application.

This research can lead to innovation as “traditional methods are no longer relevant as change is already being driven by technology.” This suggests education and the University can offer businesses the opportunity to become more innovative and remain relevant.

Terry agreed, engaging in conversation stating “Design is huge and a field with a lot of social mobility”. This social mobility allows students who may not realise they have such capabilities, unlock a range of skills and go on to work on large scale projects which are great for their careers.

Here at the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), we work across multiple industry sectors and have even assisted Bac Ltd in designs and previous work.

The VEC is also part of the exciting LCR 4.0 Project, working closely with businesses as well as local SMEs, helping these to adopt innovative technologies to their business today with free support and help from real professionals.