We have decided to crush some of our own myths and rumours about engineering and the VEC!

Interest levels are low

Many believe engineering can be a niche topic however engineering is a fast paced industry and can be found almost everywhere. Just some interests closely related to engineering include mathematics, aerospace, mechanics, electrics, physics and even IT. Recently more and more mainstream engineering stories are coming to light such as Lord Alan Sugar introducing a Virtual Reality task into his hit show ‘The Apprentice’, and Great British Bake Off 2016 contestant and Engineer Andrew showed the nation how engineering can even be brought into baking magnificent cakes!

The mainstream media is also picking up on updates from the virtual worlds, looking at how the technology can be implied to a range of industries such as Travel Agents showcasing to customers where they could go on holiday, as Estate Agents tour round your new home and children can explore history through virtual headsets, experiencing worlds ran by dinosaurs or the Romans first hand!

Based on our own social media growth rates and impressions, we have found that plenty of people are interested in not only the latest news for the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) but also the industry news and links we share with our audiences. We have a great following on Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest!


Just for Boys

There is a strong belief that engineering is for boys but here at the VEC that could not be more farfetched. Women make 29% of our office with roles ranging from a variety of positions and responsibilities including Interim Head of Business Development, Finance Manager, Marketing Officer, Project Engineer and Creative Visualisation Technician, all very different but essential roles for the VEC and contribute heavily to what we go out to achieve here.

The majority of these women are also part of the exciting LCR4 Project, a partly ERDF funded project within the North West, helping local engineering and manufacturing businesses and SME’s to transform production in the modern world economy by connecting to expertise and support from key knowledge assets in the region.

Women are also showing a key interest on our social media profiles as 30% of our Twitter audience and 55% of our Pinterest audience is female, viewing links we share and the status’ we create.


Engineering is manual and repetitive

With new technologies being brought forward all the time, engineering is certainly not repetitive. Here at the VEC we are always looking to work with new partners on collaborative work and offer professional support on new products.

The VEC has managed to work alongside a range of organisations in industries such as aerospace, automotive, environmental and medical. Using new technologies to ensure competitiveness remains, the VEC is always looking at new ways to improve current systems and processes, helping these businesses gain the most out of digital innovation and technologies.

Poor Graduate Prospects

The VEC is part of the prosperous University of Liverpool where undergraduates can join the School of Engineering to study aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering, industrial design and more. At the University, students can open a world of research and professional study in their selected fields where hundreds of students explore their love of engineering. The VEC can be found in Liverpool, Daresbury and London at the University of Liverpool in London campus in the impressive Finsbury Square.

Once graduated, opportunities for young engineers are endless. With more companies not only looking for apprenticeships but also young engineers to offer their freshly sourced knowledge and understanding to growing engineering companies. This unique knowledge is key for any growing manufacturing company along with a selection of other industries.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become extremely popular across the globe, especially for gaming but here at the VEC we utilise this technology for much more than companies having fun whilst testing out our headsets. Not only have we created a virtual Bentley, but we have created flight simulations as well as a virtual heart in the aim for doctors to research and explore pre-operation at local Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

If you wish to find out more about the VEC and just a selection of our incredible Case Studies, please visit here.