Date: Thursday 22 June 2017

Location: Titanic Hotel Liverpool, Stanley Dock, Regent Rd, Liverpool

Virtual reality is breaking into the mainstream and the applications are limitless.

Insider’s Made in the UK session will discuss how the barriers to entry have come tumbling down and demonstrate the real-life return VR can make on your investment. Touted as one of 2017’s top tech trends, our experts will discuss the applications of virtual reality today and what opportunities tomorrow will bring.


  • Dr Andrew Levers, technical director, Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Rob Forrest, Visualisation lead, product & process development centre Samlesbury, BAE Systems
  • Sarah Black-Smith, head of factory operations, Siemens DF

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Industry giants likes Siemens have seen the future and invested in creating a VR Cave in their factory to help visualise new workstation setups on the shop floor, while Jaguar Land Rover have already incorporated laser holographic techniques to project information such as speed, direction and navigation onto the windscreen of its vehicles.

In Liverpool, the VEC is the UK’s leading centre of Virtual Engineering technology integration for industrial and commercial applications working across multiple industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, oil and gas.

Then there are the truly mind-blowing applications which see the creation of virtual presenter holograms designed to improve customer services by acting as a multilingual receptionist, concierge or product specialist.

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